Rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Other software: Maya, Quixel, Photoshop, Zbrush

gameplay screenshots

some game models; Maya

some modular game models created in Maya

the basic level block-out in Maya

brick texture was created in Zbrush/Photoshop

basic blueprints were used to block out the environment quickly

Project Rain Environment (UE4)

This environment was created for my solo game “Project Rain” to accompany my student film and is primarily inspired by film noir. The layout is loosely based on Toronto’s Distillery district.

All assets are my own except for the effects which were taken from the Unreal Engine 4 example content and marketplace items. I also have placeholder vehicles from .

Early in production I used textures from to block out my level quickly. As the environment went through more passes, I replaced these textures with my own. Some assets like the crates and roof tiles are still using ones from gametextures.

While the duration of the project was 8-9 months, I alternated between many roles, so the total work time on modeling/surfacing/lighting this environment is probably 2 months. It was a great experience to realize my own vision from paper to making it work in-game.

Thanks goes to the mentors at Sheridan for giving me the freedom to create this in my final year and Epic Games for making great software.

There is a WIP thread on polycount:

Responsible for all elements from concept to execution
Personal Work / Final Project
August 2014 – April 2015 (8 months)
3d, animation, game design, cg, environment art