Main character for my game ‘Project Rain’ Primarily intended for cinematics

37K tris for cinematics

Rigged using Maya’s HumanIK. The retargeting system allowed me to quickly edit game animations from UE4 on my rigs and create my own poses

Blendshapes created with Maya/Zbrush were used for facial animation

Face textures used references from and stitched in Zbrush. Clothing textures created with Quixel/Photoshop

Zbrush sculpt

closeup face sculpt

High poly modeled and rendered in Zbrush

Zbrush sculpt with polypaint

Zbrush sculpt

Zbrush speed sculpt with polypaint

Goblin design from Lord of the Rings. Zbrush sculpt intended for 3D print

created in Zbrush, Rendered in Keyshot

Character Art 3D

My character art is created for personal projects

all aspects from concept, modeling and textures to rigging and animation unless stated otherwise
Personal Work
3d art; character art